, innovation, and design are the engines that power the growth of organisations, especially in fiercely competitive markets.  I help organisations overcome structural, cultural, environmental, and other impediments to creativity and innovation. 

The capacity to generate fresh perspectives and innovate successfully, can be acquired and systematically developed like many other human faculties.  My workshops on Creativity, Innovation and Business Experience/Design, arm teams and organisations with the principles, methods and processes of innovation and design thinking.  Thus equipped, they can innovate and design new products, processes, policies, systems and structure that will propel their organisations to the top of their game.   

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I have designed and delivered a variety of business and IT courses and workshops, and faciliated business teams, for over two decades. I bring my varied organizational and life experiences to bear on all of my teaching, training, facilitating and consulting. 

The workshops are interactive, hands-on, engaging, fun, and energising.